Managing Coronavirus/Covid-19 in the Workplace 

Over 80% of infections are spread by touch from the contaminated surfaces we come into contact with everyday. Covid-19 will be transmitted in a very similar way though the workplace. Managing any possible risk and exposure to Covid-19 is a top-priority for most businesses. The cost of an outbreak is huge, both in terms of employee health and well-being and financial pressure, which will be significant. Simple personal protective measures you can implement now to reduce risk include, improved personal hygiene (coughing or sneezing into tissues), better handwashing compliance and social distancing. In addition ensuring your workspace is healthy and hygienic, that shared surfaces and touch points are sanitised will give you the best chance of avoiding an outbreak and will provide your team confidence their health and welll-being is your top pirority.

Keeping the workplace healthy

  • Make sure your workplace is healthy and hygienic. We can't see germs and we all know that things that look clean can harbour all sorts of infection casuing bacteria and viruses. A scientific ATP analysis will tell you if your workplace is health-safe and if your team are practicing good personal hygiene. 
  • Ensure an appropriate sanitising product is used to clean and sanitise all sufaces and that cross-contamination is minimised with the use of different colour coded cleaning cloths for each area and surface.
  • Common contact points and"hot zones" such as door handles, lift control panels, fridge door handles, microwave control panels and light switches need to be sanitised effectively and regularly.
  • Provide individual hand sanitisers for each desk, meeting room and common space such as cafeteria's and reception. 
  • Supply facial tissues for each desk, meeting room and common space.
  • Have surface sanitisers or antibacterial wipes available so team members can sanitise their own workspace including desktops, telephones, keyboards and mouse etc. 
  • Circulate "Help Keep Everyone Healthy" emails on a weekly basis (establish automatic sending) to reinforce and remind the team of the importance of practicing good personal hygiene and to sanitise their workspace. 
  • Encourage people to have flu vaccinations this season. Even though this will not protect against the Covid-19, it will certainly help reduce the amount of influenza this season, which maybe significantly exacerbated by a combination of the two in our communities. 

Keeping Yourself Healthy in the Workplace

  • Washing your hands effectively is your best protection from contracting an infection. Soap must be used and hands should be lathered for at least 20 seconds. 
  • You should aim to wash your hands 8+ times per day; when arriving at work, before and after breaks, before and after eating or drinking, after touching or handling communal items/office equipment, after using the washroom, after coughing or sneezing, when leaving work, when arriving home etc. The more you wash and sanitise your hands the less likely you are to contract an infection. 
  • Use hand sanitisers regularly in conjunction with hand washing. Hand sanitisers offer a fast and convenient method of sanitisation and mitigate any poor hand washing.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, paper towel or toilet tissue or if not available into the crook of your elbow.
  • Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands, this is high risk for spreading infection.
  • Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing regardless of having used a tissue or paper towel.
  • Stay at home if you're exhibiting signs of a cold or the flu. 


ATP Testing an Office

Measuring the Cleanliness and Hygiene Levels of your Workplace

How do you know if your workplace is healthy and hygienic, after all, we can't see germs and things that look clean can harbour all sorts of infection causing bacteria. An ATP bacterial swab analysis allow us to quickly, effectively and scientifically quantify the health and hygiene of your workplace. This will tell you if your team and co-workers are practicing good personal hygiene, if you're sharing more with them than just the office space and if your cleaning company are doing a good job of eliminating infection causing germs and bacteria. An ATP analysis will verify scientifically whether or not you need to take action to keep your workplace healthy and hygienic.

  • Scientifically confirms the health and hygiene levels of your business.
  • Provides the entire team peace-of-mind the workplace is healthy. 
  • Improves personal hygiene practices and increases hand washing compliance.
  • Covers all areas, touch points and "hot zones" such as door handles, light switches, washrooms and cafeteria's. 
  • Only $275.00+GST for a 15-Point bacterial swab analysis and report.
  • If you become a 360hygiene client your ATP analysis will be free as it will become the baseline for future validation.


Commercial washroom

Washroom and Cafeteria Sanitising

Did you know up to 92% of the germs and bacteria spread through the workplace are done so through the washrooms and cafeterias? 

And that up to 80% of the infections we contract are contracted by touch from contaminated surfaces?

360hygiene's washroom, cafeteria and touch-point sanitising programme ensures your workspace remains healthy, hygienic and productive. A combination of proprietary know-how, high performing sanitisers and anitmicrobial surface protectants ensure your workplace is as hygienic and healthy as possible. Our unique sanitising solutions are guaranteed, your hygiene levels are validated with on-going scientific ATP bacterial swab analysis, giving you and the team peace-of-mind the workplace is as clean and healthy as can be. 


  • Eliminates 96% more bacteria than that is acheived with traditional cleaning servcies. 
  • Leaves touch-points and "hot zones" sanitised and hygienically treated. 
  • Kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and  bacteria.
  • Commercial-grade sanitisers kill bacteria up to 20 times faster that traditonal cleanning products.
  • Kills germs, viruses and bacteria in under 60 seconds.
  • Antimicrobial surface treatment provides 24 hour protection for up to 14 days.
  • Guaranteed to provide you with a healthier workspace. 
  • Validated with ATP bacterial swab testing - no other cleaning or hygiene company provides this level of validation!
  • Washroom and cafeteria sanitising solutions start from as little as $35.00+ per treatment. 


Commercial Office 2

Touch Point and "Hot Zone" Sanitising 

Are you sharing more than just the office space with your co-workers? 

Did you know only 13% of people wash their hands effectively after using the washroom, 62% attempt to wash their hands (do not use soap) and 25% of people don't wash their hands at all!

As more than 80% of the infections we contract are contracted by touch from contaminated surfaces such as door handles, light switches and communal surfaces (washroom and cafeteria) it makes you think just how healthy is our workspace? 


360hygiene's proprietary know-how, high performing sanitisers and antimicrobial surface protectants allow us to effective sanitise these contact points and "hot zones" ensuring your health and well-being. Again all validated with our ATP bacterial swab analysis so you can have complete peace-of-mind. 

  • Covers all your touch points and hot zones. 
  • Reduces the spread of infections.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. 
  • Fast kill time, kills most germs in under 60 seconds. 
  • Validated with ATP bacterial swab testing - no other cleaning or hygiene company provides this level of validation!
  • Touch point and "hot zone" sanitising starts from as little as $1.50+ per surface.




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