Workplace Hygiene Audits


Over 80% of the infections we contract are contracted by touch from contaminated surfaces 

and more than 92% of infections spread through the workplace are spread via the washrooms and cafeteria! 

 ATP Testing an Office

Measuring the Health and Hygiene Levels of your Workplace

A workplace hygiene audit is the first step in quantifying the health of your workspace. How do you know if your workspaces are clean and hygienic? After all, we can't see germs and things that look clean can harbour all sorts of infection causing bacteria.

An ATP bacterial swab analysis allow us to quickly, effectively and scientifically quantify the health and hygiene of your workplace. It will also tell us if your team and co-workers are practicing good personal hygiene or if your're sharing more with them than just the office space.

  • Scientifically confirms the hygiene levels and cleanliness of your business.
  • Provides the entire team peace-of-mind the workplace is healthy. 
  • Improves personal hygiene practices and increases hand washing compliance.
  • Cover all areas, touch points and "hot zones" including door handles, light switches, washrooms, cafeteria's. 
  • From only $275.00+ for a 15-point bacterial swab analysis and report.  
  • If you become a 360hygiene customer your bacterial swab analysis and report are fee as it become the baseline for future testing and validation. 

Business providing healthy environments and practicing good hygiene can reduce sick-leave by a much as 30% significantly improving productivity and profitability. Good hygiene... it's more than good manners, it's good business. 

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