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Industrial and manufacturing businesses can be challenging environments to manage and maintain with the restrooms often the cause of many complaints. At 360hygiene our managed solutions deliver the outcomes industrial customers desire, managing the facilities and allowing them to get-on with business-as-usual.


Have you ever noticed when one person comes to work with a cold or the flu it seems to spread like wild fire and in a matter of days half the office is calling in sick?

This is because in today's hectic businesses the office environment itself is incubating bacteria and providing a pathway for infections to spread. Just consider the average office telephone harbors 25,000 bacteria per square inch compared to a toilet seat with just 49 bacteria or that only 5% of men and 18% of women wash their hands effectively after using the bathroom, it's no wonder the workplace can become a bacteria cafeteria.

360hygiene's unique hygiene services and sanitising solutions can reduce bacterial contamination by up to 96% over traditional cleaning services, providing you a healthy working environment which reduces the spread of infections, reduces absenteeism and improves employee productivity.


360hygiene is committed to developing sustainable partnerships with our customers, we seek to understand your business and your challenges. We implement tailored hygiene solutions spanning a range of categories to address and eliminate these challenges, we consolidate your supply chain and develop continual improvement strategies which drive and improve hygiene compliance.

Our fully managed solutions allow you to "get-on with business-as-usual" safe in the knowledge your products and services are health and safety compliant, fit-for-purpose and delivering unbeatable value. If you want to control expenses, access innovative products and best in class training and education, reduce employee complaints, increase productivity by reducing absenteeism our hygiene excellence programme will deliver the solutions your looking for.


78% of people believe a clean restroom relates directly to the kitchen and food hygiene standards and 75% of people say they would not return to an eatery with dirty restrooms.

Enhance your customers experience, exceed their expectations and create that all-important word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business with innovative, bespoke hygiene solutions from 360hygiene - ensuring your customers get the right impression each and every time.


Aged care facilities have very specific requirements and a detailed level of understanding is needed to deliver solutions, training and unbeatable value. 360hygiene prides itself on understanding your challenges, from managing the needs of residents, to chemical dispensing equipment, to ensuring team members are well-trained and health and safety compliant. We will develop bespoke solutions specific to the needs of your facility to drive efficiencies, reduce costs but most importantly to enhance the dignity of your residents.

  • Workplace hygiene audits

    Are you sharing more than just the office space with your co-workers? Find out by scientifically measuring the health and hygiene of your workspaces.

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  • Washroom, cafeteria & touch-point sanitising

    Incredibly up to 92% of workplace infections are transmitted though the washooms and cafeteria.

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  • Hand hygiene

    Effective hand hygiene is your No1 defence against Covid-19

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  • Air care

    Fresh crisp fragrances deliver a welcoming environment.

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  • Sanitary services

    Innovative, professional and environmentally responsible, 360hygiene's sanitary hygiene solutions are perfect.

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  • Tissue solutions

    360hygiene's environmentally responsible tissue solutions deliver the perfect solution everytime.

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  • Hand towels

    Paper hand towels are the consumers No1 choice for hand drying, they are also the most hygienic solution.

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  • Chemicals

    Eco-friendly chemicals that are health and safety compliant and get the job done.

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