Flowers with mountain

Who wants to use a washroom that smells like a washroom?

The standard of hygiene expectation for the washroom has risen dramatically, visitors associate fresh fragrances with a clean and hygienic environment. When businesses provide air care solutions you not only create a welcoming impression, you make visitors feel respected and cared for. Ensure visitors get the right impression every time with 360hygiene's range of air care solutions and complex designer fragrances.

T Cell AF

Crips and refreshing

As fresh and crisp as a mountain breeze or warm and revitalising as a tropical sunrise. 360hygiene’s designer fragrances create an environment which is delightful, hygienic and welcoming, teamed with our stylish dispensers’ we offer an impeccable air care solution.

Hyscent AF

Innovative technology

Our air care solutions use the latest innovations and technology to deliver the perfect solution. A "natural scent" diffuser maintains the constant delivery of fragrance - less fade, with no harmful aerosol sprays. Combined with safe dry-refill technology our air fresheners are suitable for all environments.



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Environmentally responsible

360hygiene is committed to providing environmentally responsible hygiene solutions, our air care products are among the most responsible available. Our fragrance cartridges contain absolutely no propellants or VOC’s and are 100% reusable and recycleable. Our fragrances are derived from natural oils and are carefully curated to inspire and indulge, yet are free of harmful chemicals and carcinogens.


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