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Are you sharing more than just office space with your co-workers?

Amazingly only 5% of men and 18% of women wash their hands effectively after using the washroom!

Did you know 92% of infections spread through the workplace are spread via the washrooms and cafeteria?

Or that over 80% of the infections we contract are contracted from contaminated surfaces by touch (touch-points)?

These astonishing statistics have a significant impact on the amount of sickness and absenteeism a business experiences. By ensuring the workspace is healthy and hygienic, a business can reduce its absenteeism, by up to 30%, increase productivity and improve profitability.

360hygiene’s “end to end” hygiene solutions and proprietary processes of Identification, Implementation and Validation are guaranteed to provide the healthiest environment possible. Our scientific audits, washroom, cafeteria and touch-point sanitising solutions and innovative antimicrobial surface protectants will reduce the spread of infections in your workplace.

  • Covers all your common areas; washrooms, cafeteria and touch-points
  • Eliminates 96% more bacteria than what is achieved with traditional cleaning services.
  • Leaves touch-points and “hot zones” hygienically treated and sanitised.
  • Proprietary sanitisers kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Our unique sanitisers quickly kill germs and bacteria in under 60 seconds.
  • Compared to traditional cleaning chemicals our sanitisers kill bacteria up to 20 times faster.
  • Innovative antimicrobial surface protectants provide 24 hour protection for up to 14 days.
  • Validated with ATP bacteria swab analysis.
  • Guaranteed to provide you a cleaner, healthier workspace – no other cleaning or hygiene company will guarantee to do this!
  • Accessible for all businesses - washroom, cafeteria and touch-point sanitising solutions start from as little as $35.00 per treatment.

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On average people uses the washroom 5-8 times per day but only 12% wash their hands effectively afterwards.

A workplace hygiene audit is the first step in quantiflying the health of your workspace. Afterall, how do you really know if things are clean and hygienic? We can't see germs and bacteria, and we all know things that look clean can harbour all sorts of infection-causing organisms. Think of it as a warrent-of-fitness or a medical check-up for your business.

  • Scientifically quantifies the health and hygiene of your workspace.
  • Identifies opportunites for improvement.
  • Increases personal hygiene awareness. 
  • Discovers opportunties to improve productivity and profitablity.
  • Provides certianty and peace-of-mind.



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360hygiene are your partners in hygiene. We go beyond making your washroom and cafeteria spotless, comfortable and welcoming; we ensure your facilities are hygienic and health safe, reducing absenteesim and improving productivity and profitability.

Our "end to end" hygiene solutions and proprietary processes are guaranteed to provide you the healthest environments possible.

  • Unique washroom sanitising solutions which deliver healthier environments.
  • Innovative antimicrobial surface protectants which reduce the spread of infection.
  • 24 hour, up to 14 day protection provides a health safe barrier between cleaning.
  • Up to 96% cleaner environments than what is acheived with traditionalcleaning.
  • Guaranteed results. 360hygiene guarantees to create a healthier workspace than you have now. 

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With on-going ATP hygiene audits we ensure our unique solutions constantly deliver a healthy workspace.  This level of validation provides complete peace-of-mind your business is health safe and doing everything it can to ensure he health and well-being of employees.

  • 4 monthly, 15 point bacterial swab analysis verifies the health of your workspace.
  • Includes communal areas, touch points and "hot zones" ensuring your key areas are health safe.
  • Improves personal hygiene practices - hygiene visability drives improvements.
  • Gives peace-of-mind to the entire team they're not sharing more than the office with their co-workers. 





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A 360hygiene audit is your first step in creating a healthy, productive workplace.
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