Effective hand washing is your No 1 defence against everything, including Covid-19! 

Hand Washing

Hand hygiene is critical to your health and well-being, it not only reduces your chances of contracting germs, but is also reduces the opportunity for you to spread infections. We contract over 80% of our infections from the contaminated surfaces we touch everyday, washing your hand regularly is your best defence against getting sick. 360 helps you achieve this by providing superior quality hand soaps and hand sanitisers which deliver a better hand washing experience, improving hand hygiene compliance.

 Some of the advantages of 360's products include: 

  • Touch free automatic dispensers
  • Premium quality foaming soaps with moisturisers
  • Economical dispensing rates delivering exceptional cost-in-use
  • Hand sanitisers which are World Health Organisation compliant
  • Industrial hand cleaners which remove the toughest dirt and grime.

Rubbermaid 1100ml Soap Dispenser

Premium Touch Free Foam Soap Dispensers 

Our touch-free dispensers and exceptional quality foaming hand soap deliver a premium hand washing experience. Packed with high quality ingredients and moisturisers they are not only enjoyable to use, they keep your skin soft and conditioned.

  • Premium quality luxury foaming hand soap
  • Contains 32% more "solids" than other brands - more soap less filler.
  • Provides an expectional hand washing experience.
  • Extremely economical, delivers only 0.4mls per shot.
  • Available in white/grey and black/black.


Manual Foam Soap Dispensers

Manual foam soap dispensrs don't have to be boaring or low quality. Our dispensrs are high quality and well desgined, complementing any washroom environment. Plus our high qualitiy foaming hand soap is specifically developed for frequent hand washing and contains extra moisturisers to ensure you hands remain soft and supple. 

  • Hand soap specifically formulated for frequent hand washing.
  • Foam soap provides a premium look and feel.
  • Delivers only 0.8mls per shot. 
  • Stylish and robust dispenser suits all environments. 
  • Available in white or black.

SN1000 refill

Hand Sanitisers and Dispensers

Our hand sanitisers contain 70% alcohol, making them World Health Organisation compliant. Did you know over 82% of people don't wash their hand effectively, hand sanitsers are convienent, easy to use and mitigating against poor hand hygiene practices. With a wide range of options from 120ml personal misters through to wall mount and touch free dispeners we cover every area, situation, application and environment.

  • Contains 70% alcohol ensuring compliance with WHO recommendations.
  • High alcohol contents kills 99.99% germs fast.
  • High evaporation rate leaves no sticky residue.

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