Hand drying with paper towel

Paper towels are peoples number one choice for hand drying - they are also the most hygienic.

By installing paper hand towels, you are not only providing the solution people want, you are creating an opportunity for increased hand hygiene. Studies confirm paper hand towels offer the most hygienic solutions for hand drying. Electric hand dryers often blow the germs off your hands and spread them around the washroom or draw intake air from the ground or wall space directly below the machine which is often contaminated. Textile roller towels are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and should be avoided at all cost. Incidentally if you are renting "roller towels" these are often more expensive per metre than paper hand towel solutions. 


Paper hand towel dispenser

A solution for every business. 

Whether you want to provide the most hygeinic hand drying solution for your team and customers or are you looking to enchance the washroom experience with a premiun look and feel or are a manufacturing business wanting to clean production facitities, with our range of towelss. Slimlime dispensers with super-soft and high absorbency towels or ruggered dispensers desgined to enure the toughest workplaces with our range of towels we have the solutions for all businesse.


UD200 Ultra Towel Right lrg

Super soft with high absorbency

Our ultra-deluxe paper hand towel not only offers the most hygenic solution for hand drying but provides a premium hand drying experience. Toughness and absorbency combined with softness delivers the best hand drying option available, include the reduce consumption from the larger towel size and you have an unbeatable solution. 


Eco friendly logo

Environmentally responsible.

360hygiene is committed to sustainability and is environmentally responsible. Our range of recycled products are certified to contain 100% “post-consumer waste” ensuring our recycling commitment is genuine, sustainable and effective. Our virgin milled paper products are Forest Stewardship Council approved and are from sustainably managed forests, providing you with the confidence your choices have a positive influence on the world we live in.




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