Dignity drives us

People experiencing incontinence challenges want respect and dignity more than anything else...

That's why we distribute Lille, New Zealand's only 100% breathable range of continence products. Breathability enhances skin integrity, provides a higher level of comfort, and when combined with super absorbent polymers delivers best in class outcomes and increased dignity for users.





Empowering your teams

Continual improvement of your clinical teams continence knowledge is central to developing incontinence management solutions and optimal, dignified outcomes for residents.

Empowering your teams with knowledge will not only achieve the clinical outcomes expected but will result in sustainable cost savings across the board. It's well proven, informed, well-trained teams deliver better outcome for both facility and residents and 360hygiene delivers the best continence education and training.   

Online management tools

Our online continence management tools streamline administrative processes like preparing product orders, managing stock, allocating continence aids to resident or understanding daily continence costs.

These tools and technology allow for a deeper understanding of the business while simplifying processes for frontline staff, freeing up time for team members to focus on what they do best - care for residents.

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