Pod Petite

Innovative and professional, simply the most environmentally responsible sanitary waste solution available.  

It’s important to have an appropriate professional method for sanitary waste disposal. Not only can it be a sensitive issue, but providing an inferior solution minimises the health requirements of women. Let your washroom demonstrate your commitment to everyone's health and well-being with the most innovative and environmentally responsible sanitary disposal systems available.

Pod Petite 3

Innovative and stylish

Our super stylish Pod-Petite touch free sanitary disposal systems offer the latest innovation in sanitary disposal management. They not only improve washroom hygiene they look sleek, stylish and professional

Rubbermaid Sanitary Unit

Super slimline & hands free

Our super slimline, hand free sanitary disposal solutions are perfect for those small cubicles where space is a premium. Their smaller slimline design does not clutter the smaller space and the enhanced hygiene with hands free is appreciated by everyone.   

Virus 5

Safe and environmentally responsible

360hygiene is committed best practice and the responsible disposal of sanitary hygiene waste. Rather than disposing of waste via commercial waste streams that go directly to landfill. 360hygiene follows the guidelines of the CDHB’s Medical Officer of Health and disposes of sanitary waste via approved medical waste processors. This is significantly more expensive, but much more hygienic and better for the environment, moreover customers want to know their waste is being treated professionally and appropriately. 

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