Workplace Hygiene Audits 


Over 80% of the infections we contract are contracted by touch from contaminated surfaces.

And more than 92% of infections spread through the workplace are done so via the washrooms and cafeteria.


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These astonishing statistics have a significant impact on the amount of sickness and absenteeism a business experiences. By ensuring the workspace is healthy and hygienic, a business can reduce its absenteeism by up to 30%, increasing productivity and profitability.

A workplace hygiene audit is the first step in quantifying the health of your workspace. After all, how do you really know if things are clean and hygienic? We can't see germs and bacteria, and we all know things that look clean can harbour all sorts of infection-causing organisms. Think of it as a warrant-of-fitness or a  medical check-up for your business.

A hygiene audit including ATP bacterial swab analysis, is the first step in identifying your workplace's hygiene challenges. It allows us to quickly, effectively and scientifically quantify the health of your workspace. It will tell us if your team and co-workers are practicing good personal hygiene or if you're sharing more than just office space. It will identify opportunities to reduce the spread of infection and to reduce sick-leave and absenteesim, improving the productivity and profitability of the business.


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Why get an audit?

Think of a hygiene audit as a medical check-up for your workspace, how do you know it's a clean and healthy environment for team members?

A scientific hygiene audit provides quantifiable results, allowing you to assess whether your environment promotes good health or whether it's contributing to the spread of infections, increased absenteeism and poor productivity.

Without a hygiene audit you won't know if your workplace is making people sick, moreover you won't know if you can improve the health of your team and the productivity and profitability of the business.

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What we do

We undertake a scientific evaluation of your business, measuring the hygiene and bacteria levels of your shared areas, touch-points and hot zones.

We collate this technical information with behavioral information and an understanding of your business to identify hygiene challenges. We provide a comprehensive report and provide options and solutions which provide commercial and social benefits.

  • Validates the cleanliness and hygiene levels of your business.
  • Provides the team peace-of-mind the workplace is healthy.
  • Improves personal hygiene practices and increases hand washing compliance.
  • From only $275.00+ for a 15-point bacterial swab analysis and report.





 A solution that lasts

After you've considered our recommendations, we create a hygiene solution that lasts. We Identify your challenges, Implement solutions and Validate the outcome, providing you peace-of-mind your business is doing all it can to reduce sickness and is health safe.

 360hygiene’s “end to end” hygiene solutions and proprietary process of Identification, Implementation and Validation are guaranteed to provide you with the healthiest environment possible. Our scientific audits, washroom sanitising solutions and innovative antimicrobial surface protectants will reduce the spread of infections in your workplace. 

  • Eliminates 96% more bacteria than what is acheived with traditional cleaning servcies.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Provides 24 hour protection for up to 14 days. 
  • Keeps you health-safe between your cleaning servcies.

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A 360hygiene audit is your first step in creating a healthy, productive workplace.
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