Have you noticed when one person comes to work with a cold or the flu, it seems to spread like wild fire - in a matter of days half the team ia away sick?

This is because up to 92% of cross-infection (the passing of an infection from one person to another) in the workplace occurs through the cafeteria and bathrooms, from sharing contaminated surfaces - and this is with your cleaning services in place!

At 360hygiene our commitment is to ensure your restrooms and cafeteria are not only presented in an impeccable condition, but that they are also "health safe". We work in partnership with you to provide a comprehensive hygiene solution that reduces the opportunities for cross-contamination and delivers an environment which is sanitized and healthy for employees and customers.

The Problem

Did you know on average, each person uses the bathroom 5-8 times per day and only 12% of people wash their hands effectively afterwards?

If you multiply this figure by the number of employees, and number of days between cleaning services, it’s pretty evident there are a huge number of opportunities for bacteria to flourish.



Hygiene Partners

The standard of your bathrooms and cafeteria say a lot about your business. It’s important to provide a healthy environment for visitors and employees alike.

360hygiene are your partners in hygiene. We go beyond making your restroom and cafeteria spotless, comfortable and welcoming; we ensure your facilities are hygienic and “health safe” eliminating infection causing bacteria, unpleasant odours and reducing the opportunity for cross-infection to occur



Sanitising is positive

Our advanced biofilm technology is proven to reduce the presence of bacteria by more than 96% compared to traditional cleaning services. 

We use this advanced technology to target shared and highly contaminated surfaces such as door handles, light switches, soap dispensers, faucets and cubicle latches; to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and to provide on-going protection between services, affording you the confidence that you are providing the healthiest environment possible for customers and employees.  







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