Effective hand washing and drying is critical to the hygienic health of your workplace. A clean bathroom with innovative, functional products, promotes healthy hand hygiene practices, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and reducing the spread of illness throughout the workplace and lets face it who wants to use unhygienic, dirty looking dispensers.

Often forgotten

Research has discovered that only 5% of men and 18% of women wash their hands effectively after using the restroom. Alarmingly, the evidence shows that 26% of people do not wash their hands at all. These statistics illustrate the threat that cross-contamination poses, especially if hand hygiene is not managed effectively.

The 20-second rule

Hands should be washed vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds. Take care to wash between the fingers and dry hands well - wet hands encourage bacterial growth.

Studies show that providing quality soap, innovative and hygienic dispensers, along with quality hand drying solutions encourages hand washing and increases the levels of hand hygiene compliance – lets face it, nobody wants to use dirty looking soap dispensers, or touch grimy taps!


Enhance the restroom experience

Whether you have a rugged industrial environment or are a restaurant wanting to enhance your customers experience, we have the very best in hand care innovation, enhancing the experience and improving hand hygiene outcomes.


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