When was the last time your desk, phone and keyboard were sanitised?

Did you know most cleaning companies do not provide an IT sanitising service as part of a cleaning contract?

 IT sanitising is one of the most over-looked areas when it comes to providing a healthy, hygienic working environment. Simply ensuring your IT equipment is sanitised will reduce the spread of infections, help reduce absenteeism and ultimately contribute to improved productivity.


The unseen bacteria cafeteria

Over 80% of infections are contracted through touching contaminated services.

The typical keyboard harbours 3, 300 bacteria per square inch, the office desk; 21, 000 and the office phone; 25, 000. By contrast, the average toilet seat contains only 49 bacteria per square inch.

Sharing is caring - except when it comes to hygiene

Ever notice when someone comes to work with a cold or the flu, it seems like in a matter of days half the team is phoning in sick?

This is because staff members unintentionally deliver bacteria from their personal workspaces to the fridge, microwave, coffee machine, restrooms, door handles and other common surfaces. This transmission pathway means germs are easily transported and shared throughout the office, creating opportunities for cross-infection, increasing sick-leave rates and reducing employee productivity.

Break the transmission cycle

IT sanitising assists in creating a healthy, hygienic and productive workplace. It interrupts the transmission cycle at source, reducing the opportunity for infections to spread in the first instance.

Did you know sick people at work are only 34% as productive as healthy people, and employees absent due to sickness cost an employer approximately $1, 500 in lost productivity, sick pay and associated costs per year (multiply this amount by the number of employees to estimate your average annual sick-leave costs).

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