Every female restroom visitor wants to know their hygiene requirements are being meet in a professional and consciousness manner. Let your restrooms demonstrate your commitment to providing a healthy, functional  environment with innovative, discreet and environmentally responsible solutions. 


Innovative, stylish and discreet

It’s highly important to have an appropriate method for sanitary waste disposal. Not only can it be a sensitive issue but providing an inferior solution minimises the health requirements of women.

 360hygiene provides only the best, with innovative, stylish and touch free or slimline and discreet hands free solutions. You can rest assured our modern sanitary disposal units are exactly what female customers and employees are looking for; safe, hygienic and professional.




Safe and environmentally responsible

Traditional sanitary disposal solutions do not provide the same level of hygiene management and ecological protection as 360hygiene’s sanitary disposal services.

The hands free operation limits direct contact, providing the user with a “health safe” disposal system. Biodegradable sanitisers and liners keep the unit “health safe” whilst providing an environmentally friendly solution to managing waste and eliminating the opportunity for chemicals and bacteria to enter the waste water system through bulk washing.

Our commitment to best practice

360hygiene is committed to best practice for the management and safe disposal of sanitary waste. While fads like recycling and composting may come and go, 360hygiene has adopted the recommendations of the Canterbury District Health Boards Medical Officer of Health and follow the guidelines under the Health and Disability Services Act.

To ensure your sanitary hygiene services comply, contact 360hygiene today. 

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