We have a range of soft, high quality and environmentally friendly paper tissues solutions. Our products complement every environment and ensure the hygiene of your workplace is of an exceptional standard.

Cross-industry appeal

We have tissue solutions to meet your exact needs and lift the hygiene standard in your workplace including; 100% recycled toilet tissue, an effective, economical solution; Interleaved tissue, which combines softness and style with the economy and control of pre-cut dispensing; Premium grade domestic style tissue, individually wrapped for enhanced hygiene. Regardless of your business or industry 360hygiene will have the perfect blend of softness, economy and style.


Environmentally friendly

360hygiene is committed to sustainability and is environmentally responsible.

Our range of recycled products are certified to contain 100% “post-consumer waste” ensuring our recycling commitment is genuine, sustainable and effective. Our virgin milled paper products are Forest Stewardship Council approved and are from sustainably managed forests, providing you with the confidence your choices have a positive influence on the world in which we live.

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