Is your workplace clean, healthy and hygienic? Does it promote wellness, improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism?

A 360hygiene audit and assessment is the first step in understanding your workplace, discovering if it's healthy, hygienic and productive. We use advanced bio-luminescent technology and bacterial swabs to measure your level of hygiene, building an exact picture of possible levels of contamination. Once we understand your business, we advise, develop and implement bespoke solutions to deliver improved outcomes, helping you create an environment which promotes wellness, health and productivity.

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Why get an audit?

Think of a hygiene audit as a medical check-up for your workspace, how do you know it's healthy and delivering the best outcome for team members?

Our scientific hygiene audits provide quantifiable results allowing business to assess whether their environment promotes good health and productivity or whether it's contributing to the spread of infections, increased absenteeism and poor productivity.

Without a hygiene audit you won't know if your workplace is making people sick, moreover you won't know if you can improve the health of you team and the productivity of the business.

What we do

We undertake a scientific evaluation of your business, measuring the hygiene and bacteria levels of your shared touch-points and hot zones.

We collate this technical information with behavioral information and an understanding of your business to identify your hygiene challenges and uncover opportunities for improvement.

We provide a comprehensive report on the health of your workplace. We suggest changes, enhancements and solutions and provide the technical, commercial and social benefits of implementing a customised hygiene solution.




A solution that lasts

After you've considered our recommendations, we create a hygiene solution that will last.

Your workplace will become happy, healthy and more productive as a result.

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A 360hygiene audit is your first step in creating a healthy, productive workplace.
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