Hygiene Services for Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

Are you an Industrial or Manufacturing Businesses committing hygiene crimes? Does the workplace bathroom bring tears to your eyes? Are you worried about the spread of illness due to the crime scene that is your bathroom? 360Hygiene Provides Tailored Hygiene Solutions for your unique workplace challenges. We can come in and service problems areas, along with restocking hygiene products at the appropriate frequency.

What types of problems can we help with:

  • Smelly washrooms
  • Messy untidy washrooms
  • Dirty looking fixtures
  • Unhygienic bench tops and surfaces
  • Urine smells
  • And so the list goes on.

How does the process work:

Before we started working with this logistic company, their washrooms were a mess, their staff were complaining about the level of cleanliness, no one wanted to use them, the smells wafting around could curl your eyebrows. The management staff was worried about the spread of cold, flu and illness due to the conditions. They wanted a solution to keep their washrooms hygienic, clean and smelling fresh day in and day out. To keep their staff healthy and safe. All done for them so they could get back to doing what they do best - logistics.

We provided them with:

  • A complimentary audit - where we identified problem areas
  • Implemented a specific washroom sanitizing service to eliminate odours and make the washrooms presentable.
  • Provided air care solutions to keep the bathrooms smelling fresh.


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