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  • Does the workplace washroom bring tears to your eyes?
  • Would you rather hold-on until you get home? 
  • Would you have a panic attack if your cutomers asked to use the washroom?
  • Does it seem like the hygiene habits of your co-workers leave a lot to be desired?   
  • Are you worried you might catch something from everybody elses bad habits?
  • Are you sick of staff complaining about the state of the washrooms?

If these resonate with you then chances are your business is committing "Hygiene Crimes". 360's "Grime Scene" busting hygiene services will provide the solutions to your challenges. We'll come-in and service problem areas, sanitise fixtures, eliminate odours and make everyting tickity-boo, solving all your problems and complaints. 

 What types of problems can we help with:

  • Smelly washrooms
  • Messy, untidy washrooms
  • Dirty or run-down looking fixtures
  • Unhygienic urinals
  • Unhygienic bench tops and surfaces
  • Urine smells
  • And the list goes on.

 Hygiene Audit

Before we offer solutions or begin work we need to identify your challenges and their root cause. We use a comprehensive analysis and washroom auditing process to determine the best solutions for your circumstances. And as we say "there's no point in trying to mask your smells and problems, instead we want to eliminate them" and this can't be done unless we know where they're coming from in the first place. 

A typical Hygiene Audit Includes: 

  • A thorough inspection of the washrooms and touch zones. 
  • A thorough inspection of washroom fixtures, including toilets, urinals and hand basins. 
  • An analysis of washroom usage to identify common patterns.
  • A bacterial swab analysis of the washroom and fixtures to confirm the physical level of hgyiene or contamination. 

 Typical Solution:

Before we started working with this logistic company, their washrooms were a mess, staff were complaining about the level of cleanliness, no one wanted to use them, the smells wafting around could curl your eyebrows. The management team didn't like use the facilities and were worried about the spread of colds and flu-  due to the conditions and were sick and tired of complaints. They wanted a solution to keep their washrooms hygienic, clean and smelling fresh day-in and day-out, to keep their staff healthy and to stop complaints. 

We provided them with:

  • A comprehensive hygiene audit - where we identified problem areas.
  • Implemented a specific washroom sanitizing service to clean-up the fixtures, eliminate odours and make the washrooms presentable.
  • Applied a specific germicidal sainitiser to eliminate bacteria.
  • Provided air freshener solutions to keep the bathrooms smelling fresh.
  • Provided sanitiary disposal solutions which exceed female expectations. 
  • Provided appropriate, economical hand washing solutions.
  • Installed toilet tissue and paper hand towel solutions with waste minising dispensers. 

 Your next steps

To eliminate your "Hygiene Crimes" contact us for a no-obligation hygiene audit and see if 360's Grime Busting hygiene solutions are a perfect fit for you.Plus don't forget our 30 day challenge. 

30 Day Challenge:

We gaurantee to eliminate your hygiene challenges within 30 days or you won't pay a single cent. In fact we're so confident our Grime Busting solutions are the very best available, if we cannot eliminate your hygiene challenges within 30 days, not ony will you not pay a single cent, but we will also pay the first 30 days service cost of your choosen replacement service provider! We challenge you to find a hygiene services provider with a better gaurantee than ours! 






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